About the kids

(updated May 2013)

Emily Rebecca

Born February 25, 2009

Emily is the sweetest, funniest, kindest girl ever.  She is intensely loyal and adores her friends.   She adores her mommy, her daddy, her birdies, her 2 baby dolls (named hat baby and hair bow baby because they wear hats and hair bows respectively).  She loves to eat and cook,  play outside, water plants and help me garden, read books, color, draw, and run.  Emily is training to be a princess, mostly by wearing dresses every chance she gets.  Emily can write her name, mommy, daddy, and the babies names.  She is the best big sister ever and adores her baby brother and sister.  Despite how much she has grown, we both still treasure our time cuddled together in the rocking chair in her room.

Spencer Noah and Sidney Paige

Spencer and Sidney at 11 months

Spencer and Sidney, born June 18, 2012 are my little miracle babies.  My pregnancy and delivery with Emily was insanely easy (yes, even labor), so I was stunned at how hard this pregnancy (and delivery) was.    I am not sure when I was officially classified as “high risk”, but it is a term the nurses used frequency, and early.  But they held on for exactly 35 weeks, and after some NICU time (6 days for her, 7 for him), we now have 5 people (most of them are very short :) ) living in our house.  They adore Emily and Emily adores them.

About Spencer

Spencer, who I once called Scooter, is our cuddle love bug.  He is mellow, happy, and silly.  He is trying to learn how to crawl and in the absence of forward motion, slides backwards on the hardwood floors.  Spencer takes his time with things.  He thinks them through, watches, learns and then does them.  He is so silly!  He likes to knock down towers, try to put blocks on his head, and especially to clap.  Clapping is his favorite!  Spencer says DaDa and BaBa the most with a few MaMas thrown in.

About Sidney

Sidney started off as a constant reminder that the babies were preemies.  She was so delicate and tiny and pink.  She just wanted to cuddle, nurse, sleep….  Now, she is more like a heard of crazed wildebeests!  Whereas mellow Spencer gets upset when Sidney kicks him in the head, Sidney gets upset when she cannot roll through a wall.  But she will try!  Sidney is headstrong and determined!  She knows what she wants and how to get it.  She will eye a toy and roll and maneuver until she gets there, and then brings it back to where she wants to play with it.  Sidney talks up a storm of random syllables.  Mama, Dada, Ki and Baba are the most recognizable, but she says so much more.


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