Emily’s Cheerleading Debut

Emily has been a cheereading for 6 months now (since April), participated in 2 camps, learned a ton of cheers and dances and this weekend, started performing.

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What happens when you attempt an unscheduled photo shoot

The past few weeks have photographically dramatic. My camera broke. I was beside myself and flipping out. I LOVE this camera. (OK, I love any non simple point and shoot camera). I have used Canon and they are ok. I am not a huge fan of Nikon. This is a Sony and FABULOUS! I love the lenses. I love the feel in my hand. I love how much control I have over settings. And it broke. And Google said it was done for good. AND I FIXED IT MYSELF! And nearly fainted with relief! So while Emily was at Mary Poppins with her Daisy troop, I gathered the twins for a camera testing photo shoot. The camera works! Here are the results.

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