About Me

D and I were married in July 2005 and I can honestly say that I fall in love with him more every day.  He is the most amazing man and the most amazing father (and grills better than anyone else I know!)  I consider myself a full time mom, but the side I am a college professor, who, despite the odds, got tenure while pregnant with twins!  If you ever want to freak out, take a glance at the stats on women having babies while on the tenure track and then never getting tenure!  But I love my job, my colleagues, and my students, so it is worth the stress.

In my past life I was addicted to cross stitch.  Who needs therapy?  If you want to get over an addiction – just have a baby!  I miss stitching So much but the kids are all worth it (so far 🙂 )

A quick word about this blog.  This started off as Emily’s baby book and then became the baby book for all 3 kids.  These are stories and pictures and memories for the kids.  The goal here is for our family and friend who live far away to be able to see the kids grow.  But more, it is so the kids can see their day to day lives as kids, and hear the stories as I see them/remember them/tell them.  Some posts are locked because they are ONLY for the kids to read.



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