Emily’s Cheerleading Debut

Emily has been a cheereading for 6 months now (since April), participated in 2 camps, learned a ton of cheers and dances and this weekend, started performing.

Friday night was youth night – cheerleaders K-12 all formed 2 lines for all the town football players to run through.  And then all teh town cheerleaders K-12 did 3 cheers together.  Emily did great!  And Wilton won the game in overtime (we left after her halftime performance).

Saturday Emily was on the sidelines for the flag football game.  The day was horribly hot and humid and she as looking into the sun (which is why she is rarely really smiling), but she did great!

Then it was time to line up ad run onto the field for the half time dance. Look, I don;t want to brag here or anything, but Emily had this DOWN! In fact, she was the only girl who really knew the dance! And it was pretty cool to hear the other moms commenting on that 🙂 The other girls too said they wanted to stand near her and watch her. The beginning of a leadership role? Either way I am SO proud of her and LOVE that smile!


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