thinking about the future

We have some odd conversations around here, and this gem from this morning deserves documentation.

The conversation started with Spencer talking about my REAL name (according to him, my real name is Dr. Skott) and somehow we morphed into how I would become a grandmother. I told them I would only be a grandmother when they or Emily had babies.

(jumping in mid conversation)

Spencer – Sindey I am going to marry Emily
Sidney – I am not getting married
Spencer – do you want to marry Emily too?
Sidney – no, I am not getting married. Married takes too much time. (this has been her firm stance for a few months now)
Spencer – but then you will live only one (sounding very worried)

Here I interjected and reminded them at Cousin Amy and Miss Sheri live all alone and are very happy, AND they have cats.

Sidney – I will have one cat and her name will be Sparky. Sparky will be her name and her last name will be Skott.
Spencer – Emily and I will have a cat too and we will also have a dog. If Emily wants 2 cats and dogs, we can do that too.

Then they talked a bit about living in houses next to each other.

If nothing else, I love that they always want to be together.  Especially since it doesn’t always feel that way.




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