My littlest baby and pasta

It is probably safe to say that Sidney is a typical kids when it comes to pasta. She LOVES it. And loves it in her lunch. Generally.

Sidney is not the most adventurous eater and her lunches are generally leftovers from dinner. And she rarely has an issue what this. What’s more, Sidney generally tells us what she wants for lunch.
Until this week.

It was 5am and I thought I heard something. Sidney. SCREAMING for mama. I ran to her room, scooped her up and held her tight and close. Very tight. I calmed her and whispered “mama is here, it is ok” over and over until she calmed down. She lay in my arms cuddled in trying to calm herself and breathing those raged breaths you take after you cry. And when I asked what happened, she looked me in the eye and said “I don’t want pasta for lunch”.

I swapped it out for chicken.

This kid.

She does not do anything part way. Sidney goes full out when she is playing, practicing mad faces and sleeping. She does everything 100%. And that apparently includes her worries about having pasta for lunch.

Here are Sidney’s madest faces

And a not feeling well nap on the sofa with her best friend gnin-gnin

I am not convinced the 5am panic over pasta was necessary, but wow I love this baby girl!


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