August was a HOT month, a VERY HOT month. So we spent a lot of time inside, heading out in the early morning to play.

August 1 – I set up a photoshoot inside this morning. My favorite spot for inside pictures is actually on the kitchen counter, sitting in front of the window. This shoot was really all about Emily, but I snuck in some shots of the twins too, of course.

August 3 – time to document crazy hat making at school. Spencer was not interested.

August 5 – we decided to play hookey from school/camp/work, grabbed some similarly minded friends and hit the beach!

August 17 – This morning of the 17th we did a random morning photo shoot so Sidney could show off her tennis dress (and Spencer could show off her crazy faces). The kids were hot into Olympic fever, so we also ran a lot of races. The chickens even participated in some of the races.

August 18th
just a couple random morning pictures

August 20/21
We went to a friends superhero 4th birthday party!!

The party was at our favorite farm and I wanted to get a picture of all three kids together. Sidney had other ideas.

But once we opened those favor boxes and found super hero costumes, the kids were all over the idea of pictures!!

August 22 – zoos, parks and butterflies

Monday morning we woke up and randomly decided to take off. We headed up to Springfield Mass to Forest Park zoo and park and then up to Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory. This is a super cute zoo and we had so much fun there, but I didn’t take many pictures. The park was also a ton of fun!

I have been wanting to take Emily to the Butterfly Conservatory for such a long time and my baby butterfly girl LOVED it! Every time a butterfly landed on her it was a celebration. Butterflies landed on me and D right away, but the twins made it pretty clear they wanted to look only.

and my favorite by far was when a butterfly landed on her finger!

And we wrapped up August with a few more pictures just because this dress made Emily’s eyes look SO blue and made the chalk streaks in her hair stand out.


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