July was not a hugely photographed month. We laid low most of the month, playing outside, playing inside. It felt like we were always busy but it also somehow felt like we had time to do nothing. Emily saw her first real live nighttime fireworks, we spend more time grilling than ever, and we did a ton of crafts, as always…

Some morning are made for taking pictures in front of the wheat grass (one of our favorite outside backgrounds).

And some morning are not made for taking pictures of kids….

Unless a chicken (this is Daisy Rose) wanders into the frame of course….

and then we cycle back to mornings made for pictures.

We turned the driveway into a big wheel race track

We went blueberry picking

and the obligatory group shot at the playhouse near the exit

Emily had a playdate at our town’s swimming hole

We followed up blueberry picking with raspberry picking. Unfortunately we went on the last day of raspberry season, but we took all we could find.

After raspberry picking, I asked the kids if they wanted to pick squash. Sidney’s reply – I’ll pick it but I won’t eat it…. maybe next time….


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