We did a lot in June! I don’t think I realized how much until I sat down to document it.

June started with Emily finishing Cheerleading camp and getting her uniform. Not 30 minutes later she was crossing the bridge from being a Daisy to being a Brownie. it was a very proud day for her!

Meanwhile Sidney never met a flower she didn’t love. She especially loved the peonies, which were fabulous this year.

Every year on the twins birthday Emily and I take them strawberry picking. This year we went the day before their birthday, since their party was on their actual birthday. They love it, they always love it. The girls picked a ton. Spencer picked some, but I am fairly sure she ate more than he picked. He was never without a strawberry in his hand. He also found a flower that he loved. He made it very clear it was for mam, but let Sidney check it out briefly.

Next up was the twins firth birthday party! A Doc McStuffins/baseball party and after much much much coaxing, they finally let me sneak in a quick birthday photoshoot. And while I got some very nice pictures of all three kids, I also got some amazingly funny ones too. Spencer was beside himself excited to have his very own Yankee shirt and gave Daddy his father’s Day Yankee shirt a day early so they could match. Any time this shirt is clean he wears it. And since I do laundry a lot, he gets to win his beloved shirt all the time!

Next up on our tour of June was a day playing with new bubble toys

Followed by a Sidney Day celebration at the beach

And finally a Spencer day celebration at the zoo. The kids always love the zoo and we love that our zoo is small enough that they can see everything and then be done when they get tired. Plus it has a fountain that is great for pictures.

We capped off June, Spencer Day and the zoo trip with pictures of all three kids looking at the camera, always a dream of mine.


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