Getting ready to be 4

Spencer. My boy. My little man. My cuddle bug.
Sidney. My firecracker. My smurfette. My littlest princess baby.
These tiny babies are about to turn 4.

4 years of loving this little man. You ave always been my cuddle bug. Nothing will ever come between you and me and our cuddles. You have the funniest personality ever. You are so devoted to the things you love. Your pink bear. Your mama. You love baseball so much and your favorite thing to do is hit the ball and run as fast as you cal – all the way to third base. You love third base. You love to stop there and wait for someone to hit the ball so you can run home.

Spencer one of my favorite things even is actually when you cry out in the middle of the night. This happened the other night. You moaned a bit and cried out and I came to peek in on you. I rubbed your back lightly and said mama’s here and you calmed down immediately. It was so sweet. Then you sat bolt upright in bed ad drank a ton of water and went cuddled back into the pillows and blankets, holding bear tightly in your arms. I rubbed your back a bit more and you, with your eyes closed, kissed bear a few times and then a few times more. Spencer it was so sweet. You have had pink beak since you were an infant and you will have him forever. I doubt you will sleep with him forever, but you will always love him and he will always love you. And I love seeing that. I love how faithful you are in your love. Once you love someone or something it is forever (or at least has been for the past 4 years 🙂 ).

My funniest cuddlebug. You tell the sweetest jokes. You have a greatest sense of logic – your brand of logic. Mama drive faster, bump into other cars, let’s go go go! You love knock knock jokes, and playing I spy. You are my bestest little man and I love you forever. Happy birthday cuddlebug!

And cuddlebug’s best friend (most of the time) is Princess Smurfette.

My sweet baby girl. You are a firecracker! To the tune of me turning my back to a millisecond to get Spencer into the pool and you have already jumped in and gone to the bottom and back up again. And it never fazed you for a second! You brushed the air out of your face and went again. I won’t say you are fearless, but you are pretty darn close! You have a crazy sense of humor and know exactly how to use your smile, your hugs, your tears to get exactly what you want. We need to work on that.

y funniest princess baby. You are very devoted in your love. And when you love something it becomes and obsession. Mama, giraffe, and now ballet. You put on little dance shows and sing little songs to go along with them. Your favorite “real” some is “She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain”, but you prefer your little songs about rainbows and flowers. You are my baby girl gardener and love to work in the gardens with me. You love to smell the flowers, cut flowers for water, plant flowers….

4 years of loving you crazy little people. 4 years of tears, frustration, annoyances, but more love that you can ever imagine. Happy Birthday my babies!


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