Sidney’s room

Last night Sidney told me she needed to go upstairs and for me to not come up until she told me it was ok.  A while later she came down and told me that I needed to see her room because she cleaned the whole room and that I could not wait to see it )her exact words) and that it was beautiful!  And she was right!  (then again, her room is generally pretty neat but still…)

She made her bad (ok, no bouncing quarters, no hospital corners, but not terrible for a 3 3/4 year old), straightened up her toys, etc.  Then she asked to take pictures of it to show Daddy because “he will not believe it mommy!”.   These are her pictures.  Uncropped, untouched, exactly as she took them.  Minus the duplicates and the blurry ones.

She was so excited and so proud that she took me on a tour of her room, pointing out everything she did and the things that were the most important to her.

First up is baby’s crib — she was so proud of the bib she tied to the railing, in case baby needs it. Next to the crib is her rocking chair – an antique low Canadian rocking chair that Emily and I refinished last summer. “Mamma you sit here and I show you my room!”

On the other side of the crib is her “nightime section”. There is a the clementine box she and I upcycled to be a little box for her favorite bedtime books, a collection of friends including a mommy and baby kitty, a dump truck and the pillow I made with the fabric she chose herself.

Next she showed off the bed she made all by herself! With all her friends safely tucked in and cozy.

(not bad for taking a picture into the light – and those windows let in a TON of light!!) She pointed EVERYTHING out here – the quilt that my great aunt made me when I was a baby (she loves that history), the pillow case I made with the fabric she choose (there is NOTHING better than fabric shopping with Sidney!), the cross stitch I made that hangs over her bed that is not in any of the pictures, and the friends tucked in all cozy.

Across the room she pointed out her plant (I love the way the purple pot stands out against the pink walls!) and the clothes laid out for the next day.

Moving to the left from the plant is her wall of shelves, which she photographed in detail! In the final pictures, with the rocking chair, she pointed out that she put a little blanket on the arm of the chair in case I am sitting there and get cold. Love how she looks out for me!

And she ended with some long shots of the room.  The toy box (that says Emily) and the dress up chest, and the length of her room looking towards her bed.

There is really no reason to share these pictures of her room, other than the fact that I am woefully behind in this baby book.  But she was SO proud of her room and how clean it was and the pictures she took that it seemed warranted.  From the day Sidney moved herself (all by herself) out of the nursery she shared with Spencer and into the then playroom, this has been HER room.  She choose the paint color and she helped paint.  She has been a part of every step in the creation of her very own room.

(from October 20915, painting her room)



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