merging our interests

Everyone who knows me from way back know that I am an avid cross stitcher.  For decades now.  My walls are all adorned with my treasures and I truly love seeing my work daily.  When Emily was born stitching became a luxury.  I made her ABC blanket, and a gorgeous initial E, but I just never had enough time to stitch.  When the twins were born, forget it.  Sidney got her S, and I did a few other pieces here and there, but still, stitching is no longer part of my daily life, and often not even part of my weekly life.

Now that the kids are growing, I am trying to find time to stitch again, and they (thankfully) are really into it!  They paid special attention to the last 2 pieces I did, and especially loved seeing the snowy own come to life.  So now I am decide it is time to merge my interest with theirs.


this pattern is called “Mini The Forgotten” by Heaven and Earth Designs and it was a gift. I was very drawn to the hunting beauty of it, and it is VERY unlike anything I have ever done before. I was beyond surprised with Emily fell in love with it and eventually, it will be hers.

This is not a great picture (cell phone) — the fabric is not as pink as it looks here.  And there is something about this that I am not happy with.  But I can’t put my finger on it.  I am debating starting over and adding a touch of light purple into the sparkle thread.  I am just not sure….  So I have put it aside for now.  Much to Emily’s dismay….  Then again, losing all that work….  hmmmm….



It was not surprise when Spencer fell in love with this one (Grizz by Heaven and Earth Designs).  This was a gift from the designer and when I saw it I honestly gasped out loud.  I had been searching for the perfect pattern for him but could not find anything I loved.  Everything was either too babyish or just wrong.  This is perfect.  And what’s more – Spencer declared with this bear was his pink bear’s mommy!  (occasionally daddy).  This is huge ad will take years but I did start the sky.  It is hard to tell in the picture, but I have done the entire top row)



Compared to the other two pattens this one is much smaller and simpler.  As with Spencer’s, when I saw it, I knew it was perfect.  Sidney’s best stuffed friend is a giraffe so this was obvious.  I need to fix the eyes – they are charted as one square simple dots and look silly to me, they will be replaced with beads.  This pattern is find, but I am stitching it over 2, which I am not a fan of….

(disclaimer – since I took these pictures I have done more on the giraffe.  The trees on the left are done from the top of them to the giraffes tail, the belly is completely done, and all 4 legs are a bit longer.  Also his snout area looks better in real life – I took a cell phone picture without ironing the fabric first….)


Most of my stitching life I have been a very strict “one at a time” stitcher.  I find a pattern I love, I stitch it, and then I move to the next one.  I have lots of stitching friends who are “serial starters” but I have never been one.  Until now.  In truth, maybe I am not….  I seem to be 100% focused on the giraffe these days.  Then again, it is the smallest pattern….

Regardless, I love that I am making each one of my babies a special piece that they will keep forever.  Or, in the girl’s case, a second one (since each have a large first initial with a fairy on it).

Hopefully there is a lot of stitching in my future….  Both for the sake of my sanity, and so my kids can have these pieces.  Sidney has already picked out a place on her wall for the giraffe, so the pressure is on!



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