What happens when you attempt an unscheduled photo shoot

The past few weeks have photographically dramatic. My camera broke. I was beside myself and flipping out. I LOVE this camera. (OK, I love any non simple point and shoot camera). I have used Canon and they are ok. I am not a huge fan of Nikon. This is a Sony and FABULOUS! I love the lenses. I love the feel in my hand. I love how much control I have over settings. And it broke. And Google said it was done for good. AND I FIXED IT MYSELF! And nearly fainted with relief! So while Emily was at Mary Poppins with her Daisy troop, I gathered the twins for a camera testing photo shoot. The camera works! Here are the results.

The goal was to test the camera (still so relieved it works!) and test out a new inside background idea in the sunroom. I decide Sidney would be my tester. She was not as interested as I hoped and insisted on sitting with her princess ball and not smiling.

Now the reason I chose her as my tester and not Spencer is simple. He is not a huge fan of picture time. Unless his sister is the one being photographed and then he runs in and insists on being in the pictures. Fabulous! I love pictures of them together. And here is what I got. The hilarious results. Everything from the minute Spencer ran into the scene.

These kids…

And then Spencer asked for a few alone. These poses are all his choice. I (as usual) had no control.

And the winner….

So the bottom line is that the kids had fun, the background works for one child as a portrait, the sun room has great light for pictures and my kids are still gorgeous. And mostly the sun room is the best room for playing ball (and the only room in the house where people are allowed to throw balls).


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