Happy 7th Birthday my baby

My baby is 7, how did that happen??

My beautiful baby girl.  You came into the world and immediately changed it for the better.  You make everything better.  Your bigger than life smile, your enormous blue eyes, your spirit, your soul.  You made me a mommy.  And you are my bestest friend.

From the start you had your own way of doing things. You hated sleep. HATED it, unless it was in my arms or on daddy’s chest. But you grew into this happy, funny little ball of energy.

And then all of a sudden you were a big sister. And Emily, I am not at all exaggerating when I say I could not have handled 2 babies without your help. You are the best helper and the best big sister ever.

Fast forward three years…. and now, you are the world’s most amazing 7 year old. You are so smart, funny, sweet, and I am so lucky to know you and to call you mine.

Keep smiling my baby girl, I love you!!


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