Spring flowers

In the depth of winter I always start day dreaming about colors, grass, leaves and flowers.  This year was the first spring/summer in the new house and I spent a lot of time learning the new gardens.  Some of these I am still trying to identify, but here are the blooms we loved from last spring/summer and cannot wait to see, hopefully soon!

I have always loved bleeding hearts and it turns out we have them in white and pink. And even the happy little bumble bee likes them.

There is no flower on earth happier than the daisy

And we have irises. We seem to have 2 varieties, short and tall, all purple, and they bloomed for months!

These of course need no introduction 🙂

(for points of reference, behind Spencer is the garden gate, and you can see the Sweet Pea starting to fill in.  In front of him and behind him are Tiger Lilies just waiting for the right second to open up).

Our Sweet Pea grows so huge that we can only use the garden gate if we cut it back. He will most likely move to a spot where he can spread out.

This MIGHT be Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’, based on pinterest research, not entire sure (and o clue on the common name)… but it grew in the front garden and lasted the entire summer

And, drum roll, best of all, I finally, have Peonies! I have loved peonies forever and finally I have TONS of my own!!

Once the peonies finish up, the Tiger Lilies come out fill force. I swear one day nothing and the next day the garden was a huge mass of orange.

Towards the end of the summer the cone flowers and hydrangeas came out, The hydrangeas did not do as great this year as I hoped, but then again, the deer enjoyed them….

And we cannot forget about the Zinnias. They were a gift from a friend and did great this year. Unfortunately a lot of them were hidden under peonies, so next year, they will have a new home in a better, less hidden, location.

Let’s end with the flowers I cannot identify. Anyone know anything about them??

Any ideas what these are?

And I found these on the far side of the house. Any ideas?


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