The Skott family cookbook

One night, over a hugely popular taco diner, D and I were telling the kids about brownies.  These brownies were made either right before they were born, or shortly after, but they are probably the most amazing brownies on earth.   Slutty Brownies.  A layer of brownie mix, oreo cookies and then a layer of cookie dough.  UNBELIEVABLE!  And this got the kids talking about recipes they thought would also be tasty.

The kids really followed themes for their recipes and these were gathered over a few days.  Emily was focused on her current obsession of hot chocolate and desserts overall.  Spencer focused on fruit, especially blueberries and Sidney was all over the map.


Emily’s Recipes:

Emily: So we put marshmallows on a brownie and hot fudge ad chocolate chips on top of the hot fudge, some more brownie in the middle and scoops of ice cream on top.

Emily: we take some bread, scoop the inside out, and eat the inside, you put some soup in the hole of the bread and then you gobble it up and it tastes so cozy and you have hot chocolate with it.

Emily: you take a cake and make a smiley face out of marshmallows, then you take hot fudge and put it on the marshmallows for the eyes, and for the nose you take some little little pieces of chocolate, and then it looks so good you just want to gobble it up but you cannot because you will get sick and you need to share.

Emily: Cut up little pieces of chocolate, get 6 little marshmallows, and a mug, cook it with hot water or hot milk no the stove, pour it into the mug, let it cool down, eat it and it is so good!


Spencer’s Recipes:

Spencer: chocolate and blueberries, strawberries and grapes.

Spencer:  Blueberries, make blueberries, then take it out and let it sit for three minutes, and then grapes then we stir it up then we put mac (pasta with no cheese) and bread in there.  The nothing else, that is it.


Sidney’s Recipes:

Sidney:  Soup in a bow and mix it, then put a lot of fruit in there, and stir it and then we get the fruit and eat it and then we eat the bread.

Sidney: Orange, apples, and put it in soup, then we stir it and then eat it

Sidney: make pancakes, then we put strawberries then mac and cheese on top!





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