Sleeping Babies

My favorite part of every day, no matter what we have done that day, is checking on the kids when they are sleeping. Maybe it is because they are quiet, maybe it is because they are sleeping, maybe it is because they just look so sweet (and innocent). Maybe it is because we struggled so much with getting Emily and then getting the twins to sleep. Regardless I treasure it every single night.

I rarely take pictures of the kids sleeping, so this is mostly a collection of pictures from my phone.

Sidney in her crib. GinGin the giraffe nearby as always when she is sleeping.

Spencer ends up in our bed more than any of the kids. Usually it is ear infection induced, but not always… No matter where Spencer sleeps at night, bear is there.

Sometimes we sleep under our pillows around here (and with tons of friends!)

Spencer wins the prize for sleeping in the most places (and the oddest places). He has fallen asleep in my arms (countless times), backwards in his crib (with bear of course), on the kitchen floor (he was sick), on the sofa in the sun room, backwards again in his race car bed


Sometimes we fall asleep in matching Cinderella nightgowns

When we are sick, we nap on the sofa (can you see GinGin poking out?) or in the big chair (clutching a dish towel in the absence of bear)

or in mama’s arms

Or on a blanket outside, under an apple tree

Sometimes while we are sleeping the tooth fairy visits

And sometimes we fall asleep sideways (and sadly the only pictures mama got of this are blurry, but still worthy of documentation)

Mostly when we sleep we are just so cute!

And now we have reached a plateau. During the span of these pictures, Sidney moved out of the nursery and into the former playroom. Everyone’s bed (except Sidney’s in her new room) has moved around and around the room as our moods and sleeping patterns change. Spencer moved into a corvette bed. The girls both had their rooms painted. We tackled each sleep issue as it came. We all trooped out to fabric stores to let the kids pick out fabric for their own pillowcases. And now, the kids all go to sleep like a dream. We have a routine. And it only took 3 and a half years to get here. For however long it lasts.


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