2015 Year in Review

I have been absent for a while.  A long while.  And I have hated it.  So much has happened in the kids lives that I want to document in this baby book.  But sometimes life gets in the way of recording life.  I regret not doing the annual Thanksgiving post.  I regret not documenting the little things – like Sidney asking everyone to be quiet please because she is reading.  Or her telling me that I need to slow down my horses (hold your horses).  The way the kids run up to me and say, Mama I have a big hug inside and then throw their arms around me.  And so many other little things that I never documented.  I can’t go back.  So, I present the annual year in review.


It snowed.  A lot.  This was the winter of a LOT of snow.  Record breaking, record demolishing, amounts of snow.  January was just the beginning of the now, and thankfully it was not too terribly cold yet, so Spencer tackled some shoveling, while Emily blew bubbles. We couldn’t play outside every day, but we got out when we could.


In February it snowed. A lot. And then a lot more. And Emily turned 6. We moved our play inside more often than not and got crafty more often than not. For example, we made that pillwo that Spencer is using for his pretend nap on the sunroom sofa.


Another month, more snow. Emily (and I) missed 17 days of school this year by our count, and that does not include late days. So much snow. In this month’s sample, Sidney is modeling Emily’s birthday present of a new Cinderella dress up dress and Spencer is demonstrating her party game. I took a blackboard out of a frame and used the frame to take pictures of her with each of her friends. Thy came out so cute!


April started off cold, but by the end of the month, as Spencer is demonstrating, we finally got a couple of warm days (even if we did have to travel 5 hours south to get it 🙂 )


In may we finally bid farewell to the snow for good and welcomes the warmth we craved. One of our highlights was Emily marching in the town’s Memorial Day parade. Spencer perfected his “cute face” for pictures.


In June the twins turned 3 and moved into Preschool. We celebrated their birthday by going strawberry picking, followed by lunch out and ten swimming – a fabulous day!


July started off with sparklers for the forth and ended with a cousins weekend. In the middle we played with water balloons, stopped to smell the flowers, picked blueberries, went on a boat ride, and played outside every chance we got. Emily and I went into the city to spend the day in the park with Darren. The three of us also painted her room, went to the movies and hiked Kent Falls (one of my favorites places in CT).


We started August by picking peaches, always a family favorite. We went to the zoo, to parks,
Sidney moved herself out of the nursery and into the play room, which was converted into her room. Spencer got his fabulous race car bed


September was glorious and we spent it all outside. We explored new parks, waded into ponds, picked apples, and rung in the new year with a visit to the beach.


In October we played football, more apple picking, a lost tooth, a 5 day fever (Sidney), pumpkin carving and Halloween.


November was all about parks. We most have visited a different park (or beach) every weekend.


And that rings us to December. Hanukkah, visiting cousins, playing etc. The twins donated some toys to Toys for Tots and got to sit in a police car and fire truck.

It has been quite a year! Emily has been doing great in school and loves math (whew!). She has lost 3 teeth, learned all about saving money, and has embraced her crafty side. Spencer has embraced insanity while remaining my cuddlebug, and Sidney (Smurfette) is poised to take over the world. The twins have mastered the fine art of potty training and Spencer is even pull up free at night! Physically, he is running faster and jumping higher. Sidney loves books and reads to me almost every night. They are both devoted to their best stuffed friends. All three kids have come into their own in terms of what they like and what they do not like, in terms of food, clothes and actions. But the bottom line is that they are all thriving, healthy, and fabulous. They all give great hugs and kisses and give them freely and often.

Happy new year my babies I love you all!


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