Happy Halloween 2015

This Halloween Spencer decided to stick with last year’s costume – his beloved Spider-man.  We added a mask and he was all set.  Emily wanted to be a pumpkin, and I made her a costume and then she decided to wear the Anna costume in the dress up box.  And Sidney was a no brainer.  One day while I was brushing my teeth upstairs, down in the art room, Spencer was coloring Sidney blue – from head to toe.  Under she shirt sleeves, everywhere.  Since then we have called her Smurfette (or Murf) and her costume was done.

Emily as Anna


And my baby Smurfette

After the individual pictures, I tried to get that elusive group shot….

Sidney was just not in the mood, so I grabbed a few more of just the most gorgeous Princess Anna ever

It turns out Sidney just wanted to do the pictures in a different place. She and Spencer thought it was hysterical to sit ON their picnic table.

First they sat side by side and then SPencer told Sidney she was his best friend. Se took his face in her hands and smiled at him, and then he pulled back adn made the funniest face ever.

His face made me laugh so hard!!

Once they settled the issue of being best friends and touching each other, Spencer handed Sidney his mask and told her it was her turn now.

And one last picture from preschool, where Spencer starred in the school magic show.

ad with that, it became November.


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