Peach Picking

Peach (and apple) picking is always a favorite in our house.  Following the success of last year’s peach picking adventure, we definitely wanted to go again this year.  This year the crop was not quite as good, and the pictures were not quite as good (I had weird lighting/shadow issues), but it was still a ton of fun!

As usual, we headed to our favorite peach picking orchard and the kids dove right in!

I am not sure if we were too early or too late in the season for peaches but somehow the majority of what the kids picked were not ripe yet. That did not stop them from munching, a lot, but it did limit our take home crop. Also, I think we went to a different part of the peach grove this year, but in the pictures from last year, the trees were lower and easier to reach…. Regardless it was a fun day!

After we had our fill of peaches, we headed to the apple trees. It was WAY too early for apples but a few trees were ready and they had starting picking, so why not? The apples we picked were in high demand in lunch boxes the next week!

This year we decided to skip the sunflower maze, since it was just too hot, but the flowers were gorgeous!

Then we came home to act silly…

And eat watermelon



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