Innovations in Sleep

We have had a tough summer around here.  Ever since the Pacifier Fairy came and ruined our ability to sleep (aka, took the pacifiers the twins willingly gave her, at the time), sleep has been a mess.  They replaced the pacifier with me rocking in their room until they were asleep, but D working late and business trips and Emily’s, you know, existence, made that impossible.  They tried to worm their ways into  our bed.  Life got rough.  We tried it all, bribes, sticker charts, punishments and then one morning, a light bulb went off over my head.

This was a bright bulb too – NASA mistakenly called it solar flares kind of bright.  About a week ago Emily was sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and we told the twins that everyone who went to bed well could go out to breakfast the next morning.  Despite this, Sidney, who really wanted that breakfast out, slowly sank into her new normal.  Minutes after her good night hugs and kisses she would slide slowly (because that way I won’t notice?) out of bed and cry/scream/beg me to rock/be inconsolable for up to 30 minutes until she decided she as ready to go to bed, and did so without a peep.  Miserable.  For everyone.  And somehow, oddly, Spencer would go to sleep really well during the madness.  That was the one bright spot.  Now, future Sidney reading her baby book, normally I would never share a story like this but it has a good ending, so I am…

Sunday morning we woke up well and Spencer asked if he and I were going out to breakfast, “and no Diddy”.  And that was a solar flare level brainstorm.  Sidney and I rocked in the rocker for a while and talked.

So we all went out to breakfast and then we went shopping.  Sidney had been asking to wear feet pajamas but we only have the thick fleece ones and it is summer and I said no every time.  One trip to Carter’s later and each of them (because you can’t buy new pajamas for only one twin), had 3 lightweight feet pajamas.

And then we entered phase 2 and the solar flare brainstorm exploded in a new burst of energy!

A few years ago I picked up a toddler bed on freecycle because it was super cute and I thought it would be fun in the playroom (and hey, it was free and in perfect condition).  Emily and friends have used it for sleepovers, cousin Ethan has used it, cousin Danielle has used it.  Totally got my money’s worth (I LOVE freecycle!)  That night, it would be Sidney’s.


She went to bed like a champ! Pulled up the Disney Princess Comforter a day care teacher gave Emily about 4 years ago, snuggled into the Harry Potter pillow (refusing the Hello Kitty pillow for some reason I cannot figure out), and with her favorite stuffed friends, slept through the night.  All three kids got an awesome night sleep and woke up happy.  And then it happened again.  And again.  And now that is officially her sleeping room.  It has been almost a week but we fixed it!  6 or 7 months of misery fixed in one night.

Sidney loves her new bed and I love that we are all going to sleep easily, sleeping all night and waking happy.  Win win all around!


The twins were in their cribs with the half front, aka toddler beds.  Sidney moved into a toddler bed.  And after a few nights Spencer said he wanted to be in a big boy bed like Sidney was.  I have an issue with spending a lot of money on a toddler bed that a, looks and feels cheap, and b, will only be used for a year or so tops.  We finally (begrudgingly on my part) decided to buy Spencer a new bed and I hit Google, craig’s list, etc…  And hit a wall.  And hit Google and Criag’s list come more.  And hit the jackpot!

A RACE CAR BED!  But more than that, a CORVETTE race car bed that takes a crib mattress (toddler bed) and then a twin mattress later. Meaning he will likely use it for 10 years or so!  SCORE!  I found it, bought it and thought it was done.  And then I found a barely used one on craig’s list for a third of the price!

And we are now 100% crib free and Spencer is the happiest boy on earth!

And the headlights work!!!

And Spencer’s best friend Bear also loves the new bed

And then we all played in Sidney’s sleeping room. (Emily was on my lap, so not in these pictures, but she was there and loves the car bed too).


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