Cousins Weekend August 2015

Before I had kids, I you suggested putting 3 3-year-olds and a 6 year old under one roof, I would have run for the hills. Now, if you suggest it, I run towards it. My brother and I are really lucky that our kids are only a few months apart, and even thought they don’t see each other as often as we would all like, they adore each other! Ethan is about 5 months older than the twins and he and Emily are BFFs and all 4 kids love playing together.

This year’s summer Cousin’s Weekend fell in August, and coincided with a pool party for another 3 year old. Ethan fit right in and you never would have known that he and the birthday bpy only just met!

We started with some play time in the yard. I found this alligator teeter totter on freecycle and it fits 4 kids really really well!

Once we got to the party, I had a hard time getting quality pictures. First, the kids moved really fast (especially Ethan and Emily) but also because I wanted to play with the kids and spend time with the grown ups.

The party was at a local club and the set up was amazing! The swing set with on turf that was soft and cool on tiny feet in the heat.

After the party and naps, we blew bubbles and played at home.

The next day, we headed to a new park that was a huge hit. Once again, kids moved way too fast for quality pictures, but I did my best to capture it. My favorite pictures from this park are of Spencer, with his fabulous, and fabulously huge facial expressions.

Sidney found a puppet area (minus the puppets) and she and Spencer each put on little shows.

Back to playing…

Hands down one of my favorite parks in Connecticut! But it was VERY sunny and the sun was VERY strong that morning. I want to try it again in the fall. And even more so because I took the kids on a walk in the woods to a small pond that I HAVE to see in the fall. We took some time on the pier for more group shots and then I did some portraits, of everyone except Sidney. As you can see from her one shot here, she was not feeling the moment….

Does it get any more perfect? It was cool in the shade, sitting on the pier by a pond, listing to the frogs and watching the lily pads float…


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