A day on a boat

One weekend we randomly decided to take the kids on a boat ride across the sound to Long Island.

The excitement started on the dock, starting at the boat and harbor.  It continued through finding seats and looking at everything with huge, wide eyes.   And continued some more when we went up on deck in the wind to check things out.

(I played with camera settings as best I could but it was SO bright that I just could not see the screen at all….)

After being “at sea” for an hour or so, it was also exciting to see land again and dock in Port Jefferson. There were many cries of “Look at that boat” and “That is my favorite boat”.

We walked around Port Jefferson a bit and ate lunch. I love that Specner eats hot dogs the way I eat pickles.

The trip home was just as thrilling as the trip out and included cuddles on the seat, ring around the rosie, and the excitement of seeing mommy’s office from the boat.

D took over on camera detail so I could be in a few pictures too.


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