Emily’s Vacation Week

Due to a variety of factors that transpired against it, we decided not to take a family vacation this year.  It is just too important to keep the twins consistent and ON SCHEDULE. But Emily had the week off and D had the week off, so every day the three of us had our own adventure. I think that the bottom line was that this was a great vacation for the three of us – if nothing else, Emily got significant Mommy-Daddy time.

Monday, the first day of the vacation, D left for work (??) at 5:45am for an early meeting. So Emily and I filled a bag with train appropriate crafts, dropped the twins at day care and hopped into the train. She thought it was a special Mommy-Emily day in the city.

We walked around Grand Central, shared a bagel, and then walked over to the big clock. And Emily was shocked and thrilled to see Daddy waiting for us! And the three of us had a great time. We went to Central Park, ate ice cream (it was horribly hot and humid), rode the Donald Trump Carousel (thereby contributing $9 to his campaign???? By the way, there is an actual pay pone next to the carousel), played at a sprinkler park (Em got soaked, but dried fast in that heat), had lunch and wandered Union Square.

Tuesday we started to paint her room and saw Inside Out (again, still love it)

Wednesday Emily got a haircut and we painted the second wall.

Thursday we took her hiking at Kent Falls, one of my favorite places in Connecticut.

(what? You don’t wear a big twirly skirt to go hiking???)

Obligatory selfies at the top of the falls…

and then we headed back down.

Ad Friday we vegged at home

All in all it was a fabulous little family vacation week.  She has a great time, we had a great time, and the twins stayed on their schedule, which is critical in our world.


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