Back in July…. our anniversary

July 10th D and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.  To celebrate, we took the kids on a picnic at a local pond/park and a fabulous time was had by all.

Let me set the stage.  Last spring we got a really nice picnic basket off Criag’s List and LOVED it, except for the top. The top was really cheesy and not our taste. So Emily and I changed it and LOVE it!

We dry brushed the top with a pale sagey green paint, leaving the ends distressed and then added hot air balloons. It is gorgeous!

So, the afternoon of our anniversary, D and I spent time planning/cooking/prepping a huge picnic dinner for the kids.  Turkey and cheese roll-up croissants, fruit, salads, pistachios (they favorite food ever), and dessert (star shaped cooking with icing and sprinkles).  The food plus drinks and ice packed were packed in our beloved picnic basket.  We were ready for a fabulous time.

And a fabulous time was had by all 6 of us.  SIX.

We went in, dropped off the picnic basket on a picnic table and went off to play.

(insert ominous music here)

The kids had such a great time at the playground!  (Sidney was there too, I promise)

After everyone tired of the swings, we took over the playscape. The slide was a huge hit, but Spencer also enjoyed the climbing wall.

The slide was a bit staticy…

After the playscape we headed down to the pond and Emily, Sidney and I went wading. The water was the cleanest I have ever seen (it is apparently a spring fed pond, maybe that is why it is so clean?) and then we headed back to the picnic.

Enter the 6th member of our anniversary celebration.

We decided to move tables as the one with our basket now seemed dirty. Odd…. Something was scattered on the table. Wood? NO! Seriously? There was a hole in the picnic basket! We spent a good 20 minutes debating if I packed dessert. D was convinced I did not. I swore i did. But then again, I also thought I had packed 3 dishtowels and they were gone too. A close examination of the table revealed that among the debris there were sprinkles. A chipmunk ate his way into our picnic basket, took the bag of dessert and fled! This chimpunt, who now graces wanted posters in our neighborhood, ignored the trash cans (hello, easy food), and ignored the people on the beach for food, and instead ATE into our basket to get the SEALED bag of cookies.

The dishtowels were home on the counter.

And every chipmunk we see receives a scolding from the little guys.

and since Sidney is not pictured here, she and Spencer played baseball one afternoon….

Happy 10th Anniversary!


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