Strawberry Picking

This winter, as we shivered in the massive piles of snow, I promised the twins that on their third birthday we would go strawberry picking.  And for 7 months they talked about how excited they were to go.  So we set a plan to go on their birthday.  Just to be safe, we went a few days before…

Our first adventure with strawberry picking was at Bishop’s Orchard, the only patch opened on a Sunday near us.  It was unbearably hot and the twins were NOT fans of picking.  Not even a little bit.  So the three of us sat in the shade and watched Emily pick berries with D.  And then, slowly, they warmed up to the concept and even enjoyed it.  When we went back on their actual birthday, it was much cooler, shady and lots of fun.

Spencer was sitting, while Emily and D were standing. So cute!

Since we achieved success, I took all three to our favorite farm (Jones Farm) on their birthday.  Since the weather was so much better, it was a huge success.  A delicious success.

Strawberry picking was followed by lunch out and swimming.  We had a great day and I can’t wait to go back next year.  We might try blueberries, but we are set to pick apples and peaches this fall, which is always one of my favorite days.


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