more catching up….

Still playing catch up around here…

This spring Emily had her first Field Day and of course, the kids and I and Grandma went to watch and cheer her on.  Before we left, I tried to grab some pictures because they were wearing the most adorable outfits….  Spencer in overalls….  love it!

We randomly went to the beach one day and Spencer was not so much feeling it (in her defense it turns out he had coxsackie, so I don’t blame him…), so I grabbed a quick shot of Sidney before we left.

But very soon, Spencer was better (thankfully it was a super mild case, only a few blisters in his throat, none anywhere else). That weekend while Emily was at her end of the year Daisy event, we took the twins to a local park.

No one poses like Spencer! I love his funny faces so much!

These pictures just need Emily in them to be perfect!

And then we picked up Emily and went strawberry picking, which is our next post….  stay tuned…


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