Catching up on pictures

As I get back into updating the kids baby book, it is time to catch up on pictures…

Just a great shot of Emily

Emily has been doing an after school clay making activity, and once the weather warmed up enough, we would pick her up and hang out and play on the playgrounds at her school.

At Emily’s school there are 5 different playgrounds, some with baby swings but most without. This playground did not have them and Sidney tried out a big girl swing fr the first time – both sitting and on her tummy. Everyone had a great time.

Set #2. In the old house we had a retaining stone wall that I loved. In one area of the front walk, it wrapped around a huge patch of Black Eyed Susans and clematis and was a fabulous place for pictures. In the new house I have had trouble finding a similar place for pictures. I have not found a favorite one for outside pictures yet, but I have a new favorite for inside pictures.

This set is my way of playing around with lighting but I love these pictures. And I love the peonies behind the girls.

Last set for right now… a few shots of playing outside.

lost more coming soon as I keep playing catch up!


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