And just like that, they are three

I am completely 100% blown away by teh fact that I have 3 kids, but when you sit down and look at the fact that two of them are three….  there are no words.  Especially when I think of what exactly happened 3 years ago today….  But it is all good.  And every day I am beyond thankful that we have Sidney, and that I am hear to (suffer?) experience my amazing kids.


Spencer started life as a cuddler.  One of my favorite newborn memories is watching him cuddle, happy as a clam, on Uncle Mike’s chest.  He loves snuggling in close, but as he is a boy, he will then jump away, run off, find something to throw at his sisters and then cuddle again.  Pausing to boop my nose and strike an odd pose.  He is SO funny!  He will do something and check with me, “Mamma, that silly?”  I love when he points things out to me.  “Mamma look at THAT truck!”.  Spencer has come so far developmentally – he can run now, and jump, and he is amazing.  Spencer is very devoted to the things he loves.  Mamma and Spider-man top the list right now.  He loves his sisters and loves hearing stories about Emily as a baby (“Mamma what did Emmy call this when she was a baby?”).  I keep asking when e is going to outgrow being a boy, because he is VERY good at it, generally when I don’t need him to be so good at it, but the bottom line is that he is my little man, the most gorgeous man I have ever seen and  love him to bits.  Those eyes….


Sidney is a firecracker.  There is no other word for her.  She is my (self named) Baby Smurfette Kitty Cat.  In that order.  Do not change the order.  Sidney LOVES learning new things and figuring things out.  She has recently taught herself to put on her shoes.  A word of advice.  DO NOT HELP HER.  Do not make that mistake.  Even if she is really struggling do not help her.  She will sit quietly while you help and once you are done and you think all is well, she will fling herself on the floor crying hysterically until you rip the shoe off her foot so she can do it herself.  Dramatic does not being to describe this girl.  One of my favorite Sidney games is when she and I play kitty cat.  And when she is upset and curls up in my arms it is such a treat.  Sidney is devoted to her baby dolls and recently has become obsessed with Hello Kitty and someday she will definitely take over the world.


The best big sister on the planet!  She loves her brother and sister so much!  Loves to hug them, kiss them, pick them up, and teach them things.  I am so impressed with Emily and have been since day 1.  No wonder they worship her.


My babies.  Having both of you is a miracle in itself.  But watching you grow and learn has been such a blessing every day.  I love watching you learn about the world and develop your little personalities.  I wish you would sleep a bit later but we’ll get there.  And in the meantime, thanks for letting me be your mom.  Happy birthday my babies.


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