Bike Riding

When the twins turned 2 they actually received 3 sets of tricycles.  One from their school, one from grandma and grandpa and one from a friend.  That is a lot of bikes.  They got 2 sets right away and love them and use them a lot.  The third set we just opened and put together.  They are HUGE hits!

The second these were built the kids hit the road with them.  Poor Sidney can barely reach the ground on hers, while Spencer is trying his best to use (reach) the pedals.

By the end of our ride, Sidney was better at navigation. At the beginning she could barely reach the ground, and kept running over her feet, but she got it down fast. Spencer on the other hand figured out that he could pick up his feet on hills. That last picture is him on our driveway hill with his little feet up, the wind blowing his hair and a huge smile!

(Please know that Emily was not neglected here, she was bike riding while I built these bikes, then playing with our neighbors while I took the kids down to the cul-de-sac).


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