Neologism (yes, that is a thing)

I have always been fascinated by language – but how words form, how their meaning evolves etc…    This fascination only grew when I became a mom, because to be honest, toddlers are the world’s best word creators, and really, we should listed to them more.

When Emily was 16 months, we moved from our condo to a house, with stairs.   Which meant we had to teach her do to go down, and more importantly, up, said stairs.  Our goal was for her to have control over the stairs, and not launch herself down head first.  Slowly but surely Emily mastered stairs, by holding the Stair-ling.  Other people call it a banister or a railing, but really, the word stair-ling makes so much more sense and D and I have always said, it should be a real word.

This morning, Emily did it again.  In a conversation that includes stencils, music, and cheese, Emily told me about hand washing at school.  it turns out that after you use the restroom in school, when you go to wash you hands, the water comes on auto-magically.  It just comes on itself!  It is auto-magic!  once again, her word is better than the “real” word.


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