And she is 6

I love birthdays.  I love organizing birthday parties, planning the details, etc.  My absolute favorite was Emily’s tea party birthday.  I loved hunting down cups and saucers and making tea sandwiches etc…  but a very close second was her art party.

After much thinking and debating and back and forth discussions, Emily decided on a girls only art party.  But since the little boy across the street is one of her best friends, we kick off the weekend with a movie night for her two best friends.  The three kids, in their pajamas, made pizza and then watched a movie while eating it and playing and had a great time.

Then Saturday, after a quick trip to the pediatrician to confirm Spencer’s ear infection (sigh, will this winter ever end??), we got moving on the art party!

We used the big kitchen table, and covered it in a white table cloth and a ton of art supplies (thanks again to Grandma who cleaned out her scrapbook closets and donated so much that we never got to half of it!).  We decided on picture frames and each girl got to decorate one.  I wish I had taken pictures of the frames they made because they came out so great!

Down the middle of the table were stickers, paper scraps, shapes, hearts, butterflies, stamps, shape cutters, glues, feathers, gems, puffy paint, and glitter glue.  And those girls had a blast!  For the favors, I went to home depot and got each girl an empty (clean) paint can and put in a paint stick (Emily wrote the names on each), paint brush, paint, (and added more paint when we cleaned up the table for cake), color samples, sticker, and a pencil.  They seemed to really like those too.

My favorite part was the photobooth we set up.

I taped to the wall a bunch of scrapbook paper (Grandma, or anyone else, if you need any, we have 10 sheets!).  Then I took the frame (that started life as a chalkboard from Home Goods) and had Emily stand with it with each of her friends.  They did happy smiling pictures and crazy face pictures and they came out SO good!

Unfortunately, as often happens, I was so busy with the party (and kids, etc) that I did not take as many pictures as I normally would have.  But all that matters is that the party was a huge success, the kids had a great time and most importantly, so did Emily.  Happy 6th Birthday to my very best friend!


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