17 days and NO MORE COUNTING

So far, the kids have had 17 days of no or delayed school.  Which means I have missed classes on 17 days.  But for me it was actually more, because of sick kids.  So the limited “free” time I have had I have devoted to school work and I have fallen dreadfully behind on this baby book project.  Each post takes time to write, gather the pictures, water mark the pictures, upload them, code them in HTML, get it up….  And time has not been my friend. Time has been consumed by kids, school house, ice dams, drips in the bathroom, rain in the kitchen, colds, coughs, ear infections, throat infections and two kids who have given up on sleep.

Missed posts include a family vacation to Crayola (I put up part one but never part 2).  That post is likely not coming.  A post on finally getting the kids to sleep, all night, in their own beds (halleluiah!).  We have had Emily’s birthday party and that needs a post too.   But Spring Break is coming (even if it seems like Spring is not) so I plan to use that time to try to catch up.  In the meantime I give you pictures from some random photoshoots.

Raising twins is a challenge.  Lately, when one does not sleep well, neither does the other (solidarity?).  But lately they have also started having conversations.

Sidney:  You have bandaid?
Spencer: Yeah, on my finger
Sidney: why?
Spencer: because I wanted to.  You have bandaid?
Sidney: no, I no want one.

and they left the room.

Random pictures:

Here is Sidney modeling Emily’s newest dress up dress – the dress from the new Cinderella movie that is GORGEOUS (the dress and the baby model)

One morning we did a mini photo shoot in the small rocking chair by the kitchen fireplace.  My man is quite the character.  He set the chair at one angle, Sidney did not approve and moved it. And those pigtales!!

For Emily’s birthday party (post coming by June!) I set up a photo booth for her and her friends. It came out super cute and the girls loved it! The backdrop paper is still up, so the kids did some pictures too.

That last one is Spencer’s special “funny face”

And then we bundled up, hoped into the wagon for a special “it is double digit degrees out” ride to the bus stop.  Actually, since there are no hats on, it must have actually been above freezing.  This had to be a snow delay, given all the pictures I took too…

And with today’s snow delay and yesterday’s storm, I have put my foot down and decreed that there will be no more snow this season! I am starting seedlings soon!


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