Happy Birthday to my best friend

Happy Birthday my dearest Emily!

6 years.  Oh Emily, how are you 6 years old already?  These 6 years have flown by in a haze of laughter, tears, not sleeping, eating, not eating, sickness, playing, reading, coloring, and Tinkerbell.  Emily, you taught me how to be a mommy.  You have made my world so much better than I ever dreamed it could be.  Thank you for being my bestest friend.  I love you!

Watching you constantly amazes me. You can read. You do word problems in our heat. You ask questions and then find ways to answer them. “Mommy, what happens if we pour hot water on the snow?” and then you and daddy did, and you reported back that it melted. Watching you with Sidney and Spencer – you are the world’s best big sister and they adore you almost as much as I do! Watching you learn and grow and love and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

Happy birthday my baby girl!


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