Vacation, part 1

The week before Valentine’s Day was a hard one. A VERY hard one.

In the span of just one week, we had a lake in the attic, leading to rain in the master bathroom. Blissfully and very surprisingly, no damage at all. We had ice dams galore. We had major snow storms, one day of school cancelled, one delayed opening. We had things break. We fixed things. We had the roof shoveled as best they could – we have some really tall, steep roof peaks. Kids had nightmares and ended up in bed with mommy (multiple kids, multiple times), resulting in no sleep for me. We had stress. Thankfully we also had grandparents without whom I would not have survived the week. Oh and D was in India the entire week. So we decided to take the President’s Day weekend as a family vacation. Spoiler alert – the trip involved frozen pipes and the wind blowing open the kitchen door, setting off the alarm. So our week’s troubles were not over yet….

Friday the kids and I did some furniture rearranging. As far back as I can remember I de-stress by rearranging furniture often resulting in a full trash bag/recycle bin (and ore often than not, resulting in the furniture right back where it started in the first place). Cathartic. And the kids enjoyed it too. The train table moved into the sun room and their easy chairs moved into the kitchen. And we LOVE the way it looks!

Friday after the twins went to day care, Em and I had a special Emily/Mommy day (she had February vacation), culminating in Daddy coming home (oh the celebration) and picking up our new car (more celebration!). D installed all the car seats and after dealing with frozen pipes Saturday morning (I am now the expert at unfreezing pipes), we packed (finally) and hit the road for the Crayola Factory.

The kids are fabulous on car trips. Car trips that last less than 60 minutes. Sigh. But once we got to the hotel, they were thrilled!

Spencer especially loved the hotel room and he and bear claimed a chair immediately.

He did not however, love the pool. But his sisters did.

The next day, Valentine’s Day was devoted to the Crayola Museum, but that is the next post.


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