passing time between storms

We are getting so sick of winter up here!  I feel like I am nearly out of surprise things to do inside on a snowy day that we have not done in a while.  I only have 4 or 5 things left, so really, we could use some spring weather already!

Spencer has decided that snow days are a good time to rearrange the living room.  The other morning, Sidney ran into the kitchen calling “mama mama, see what brother do!”.  She took my hand and led me into the living room to see this.

Yep, my man had rolled up the rug and was moving the non slip mat thing out of the way as well.  When I asked him why, he laughed hysterically and said “because”.  Ok.  So we went rug free for the morning.  Things happen.

We are also spending more time playing dress up.

We empty the dress up trunk nearly every night. But unfortunately, Spencer has only 1 option – his Spider-man Halloween costume, which on this night he paired with a huge red and white scarf. Note to self, find, buy, make boy dress- up clothes before the next storm!!

The girls have more options


But yesterday it was 40 degrees.  Forty!  And since we have been deal with, and will be back to, temperatures in the single digits, this was a huge cause for celebration and we stayed outside to play after school.

The little guys adored jumping in puddles (PUDDLES, we had some melting! yes, it froze that night and yes, a deep deep DEEP freeze is coming but we reveled in it while we could), and playing with the snow while we waited for the school bus. Then, once we got home, someone (ahem, me) accidentally (not even a little bit) threw Em into a few snow banks (several times)… And then pushed her down when she tried to get back up. Good thing the snow was soft and she was having a blast!

Tomorrow we are getting a few more inches of snow.  because we don’t have enough yet.


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