We are all tired of snow around here

Winter has dragged on long enough, and it is only the beginning of February!  The twins will go outside, but Sidney especially is not a fan of cold.  Emily likes to play in the snow, but no one lasts very long.  And why would we when we have heat inside and fireplaces?  But we are so ready for spring!

We are starting to feel a little cabin-feverish around here.

So we are playing upstairs a bit more.

In Emily’s bedroom

matching Monkey pjs and matching craziness


help! Mom! Fix the white balance, I am was too overexposed here! This is shocking!

And in the hidden bedroom (where we go from overexposed to not enough light)

Now, Pooh, let’s talk about this one more time….

When Sidney saw me taking a picture of Queen Elsa, she jumped into the action. Love this!

But we still spend more of our time downstairs. Reading, playing, laughing, being silly.

And staring at our flowers, dreaming of spring


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