The Blizzard of January 2015

Our blizzard in pictures

Firs thing in the morning we stuck a yard stick into the snow and it stay there for the day.  9 inches.  Since 3 feet was predicted, we were thrilled to only have 9 inches!

The snow plow came bright and early and the kids had a great time watching the big truck and the guys shoveling the walk.

It was a gorgeous winter scene.

Then Emily went to work at her desk, she has a sight worked work book that she really enjoys.

Meanwhile, the twins turned the sofa into a jungle gym

And I took advantage of that time to finished the pillow we were making for the sun room. Sidney chose the fabric and I love it! It is a super soft flannel and I love how it looks with the stripes.

Next up, we made banana, walnut, orange bread.

(and just as I turned to take a picture of her, Emily finished her bread and ran back to her desk. Eventually she will stop avoiding the camera 🙂 )

After some play time upstairs, and lunch, we watched some tv and thankfully, the little guys took a nap. Spencer cuddled with me and Sidney made herself a little nest on the far side of the sofa. (Emily colored and celebrated that they napped).

(yep, we stayed in pajamas all day long).

After naps, snack and more playing, we took our baths and made snow ice cream

And we wrapped up the day with a video chat with grandma and grandpa

it was a hugely busy day and I am just grateful the blizzard was not a blizzard and we can get back to normal tomorrow!  We are all exhausted!


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