The calm between the storms

With one storm down and one major one to go, we got in some outside time while we could.

The birds are thoroughly enjoying the bird feeder and Sidney will tell you that the birdies are not allowed to eat inside, only in the garden.

We shoveled up any remaining ice, because you don’t want 2 feet of snow to have to land on ice.

We blew bubbles. I was curious how if bubbles would work in the snow and the girls made it happen. And I got to play with camera settings. These pictures are at a shutter speed of 4000! Check out those bubbles!

We used the sled

(I took a turn too, it was SO much fun!)

We snacked. Well, Spencer did. He tasted the snow and pronounced that it “tasted juicy”.

And finally, we went around to the back of the house and played on the swing set.

The little guys had a great time on the swings and Emily was laughing so hard she could barely stand. It turns out throwing a 5 year old into the snow is hilariously funny!


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