Stories of funny faces and pajamas

Today I have 2 stories to share, one of oatmeal and one of pajamas.   But it is really just an excuse to keep up with the pictures and not fall too far behind them.

Mornings have been SO cold lately that I like to get something hot into the kids in the morning.  Emily likes maple flavored cream of wheat, so I tried it on the twins.  Spencer was not too interested but Sidney is a fan of the banana flavor.  For both girls I add flax seeds and cinnamon.  The first picture is her first taste, but she kept at it and loved it.

Not to be left out, Emily made funny faces too.

(the irony that both funny face pictures feature the same dress, different days 🙂 )  Spencer was not as interested in the oatmeal, nor was he as interested in pictures these few days.  What impresses me is that all three kids were up for trying a new food.

Unrelated but in the same batch of pictures are Sidney’s new pajamas.  She adores them!  Dancing around the room kind of adoration.  Especially the tiny breast pocket.  Spencer adores that they match Emily’s nightgown. And there is nothing cuter than the girls in matching pajamas!

Speaking of Spencer, he has become a huge fan of Spiderman. No one can figure out how he found out about Spiderman in the first place, but he is obsessed. And if his Spiderman pajamas are in the hamper, he compensates by wearing Spiderman pajama pants over his footed pajamas.

This last picture is D’s favorite, mostly because of Spencer’s “ooo” expression.


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