It is a right of passage

All kids do it.  Some do it sooner, some do it later, but all kids do it.  And now, all three of mine have done it.  Emily did it at about 16 months the first time.  Spencer did it at about 10 months the first time.  And now, Spencer and Sidney teamed up to do it big time.

I was in the shower.  D was at work.  Emily was still sleeping.  I THOUGHT the twins were playing with the stacking robot toy in the bathroom.  They also tend to bring in books.  it was quiet but I was not alarmed by the silence.  They read quietly.  It is ok.  Right?

Cue dramatic music….

It should be noted that every at this age (2.5 and 5.99), my kids are absolutely under no circumstances allowed to ever wrap anything around their necks, but toilet paper seemed an ok exception.

After they finished playing (and by the way, that was a brand new roll of toilet paper, that literally had been put on the bar literally minutes before this happened), I asked them to clean up the toilet paper (and their room…). Spencer put his best friend bear in charge of some of the toilet paper, and while straightening up their toys in the bathroom (they did a fabulous job of cleaning up the bathroom by the way, just not until after I took this picture), they put all the toilet paper back. Sort of.

Another “milestone” reached.

And bear is now the official toilet paper guardian if we ever need one.


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