Playing in the new year

So far this year, the twins have played and played hard.  They went full out.  They nearly destroyed the kitchen playing so hard.  And they also moved their kitchen, first to the middle of the kitchen play area and then out into the living room.

See, their kitchen usually blocks the door leading to the basement.  It is not usually in the middle of the room.  But then Spencer fixed that situation.  He took it into the family room. And then back again.  I am told the kitchen enjoyed touring the house. It is now back in place where it belongs.

We have also spent some time playing in what we call the “hidden bedroom”. The hidden bedroom had a bulb out, so the lighting was not great. But the fun was.

I dare you to look at that last picture and not laugh! These kids!  But she got him down off the piano.

Also in early January, we celebrated my birthday (from mid December). D, Emily and I went to the melting Pot. To say Emily enjoy it would be a huge understatement. She tried some of (almost) everything. I think that given the chance, she would have taken a bath in that teriyaki sauce. She even dug into her salad and thoroughly enjoyed it! but then came that chocolate course, and that was when Emily nearly collapsed in delight. I have day dreamed about taking her there for years, this was SUCH fun!

And we came home to the sweetest and most unexpected sight – both kids sleeping with grandma and grandpa.

up next – 2 of the funnies videos on earth!


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