the year of the trash can

I don’t do resolutions for the new year.  if I were to make some sort of yearly adjustment, I am more likely to do it with the Jewish new year in the fall, but it seems to me that if a change is needed, you change then, not on a randomly selected date.  But I did decide that 2015 should  be the year of the trash can, the recycle bin, and the good will box.

I started the year of the purge by cleaning out the upstairs linen closet and one of the closets in the downstairs bathroom.  And the next day we brought a load of (unopened) dental supplies courtesy of the dentist to a town collection basket, a box to good will, and a full bag to the recycle bin.  I am answering freecycle Wanted ads (someone is on his way to pick up the 2 slice toaster right now).  I LOVE it!  I have 3 kids, so there is no way I will ever have one of those houses you see in magazines (and likely no where else in real life), with perfectly cleared off counters etc.  But then again, that is not the goal.  There is no realistic way we could live like that.  But if you open the closets I have cleaned out, you will see closets that belong in a magazine.  (the again, why are you coming into my house and opening closets?  That is just weird).

This goes for the kids too.  They LOVE the cleaning I am doing.  I have been smart enough to sort things into 2 boxes.  One box is honestly destined for good will, and the other is a decoy.  They play with everything in the decoy box.  And that let’s get get rid of toys they no longer use.  Because every parent know that the most attractive toy in the house is the one that is going away, even if it has never been played with!

Outside of closets and boxes I am not seeing a huge difference, but the year is only 4 days old.  We have brought 3 more boxes from the move to the recycling bin.  Regardless it is progress, and it feels great!  I ordered Emily’s preschool art book and as soon as it comes, all of her preschool artwork can be recycled.  Progress!

And in the spirit of purging, and catching up, here are some pictures form the end of December.

Sidney sitting on the sun-room steps, having a little tea party.

Spencer reading a train book in his chair. Minutes later he crashed sister’s tea party.

And while Spencer read and Sidney had tea, Emily let me try some settings on the new camera.

After naps, we decided to check out the local walking trails. Because, you know, end of December in Connecticut is nice a warm. Odd. but we took advantage of it and really enjoyed that trail.

Emily and D ran ahead often, since the babies were in the stroller and the trail was not made for our stroller. But we generally caught up with this at rock climbing times. At one point, they went far ahead and the kids and I played and explored a fallen tree (and made funny faces at the tree 🙂 ).

And with that, we close out December!  Happy New Year!


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