2014 Year in Review

Every year, to close out the year, I like to go back and see how the kids have changed. This year the biggest change is that Sidney has hair (and has gotten said hair cut twice!), that Spencer started walking, and that Emily started kindergarten! Each month I tried to stick to 4 pictures – one of each child and one of the the three together. Some months I ended up with a lot more. It was pretty hard to stick to only 4….


January Spencer took his first steps ever (Jan 10). He would not become a full fledged walked for many more months, but it was still a fabulous moment! I will never forget his smile during those 5 steps. We spent most of January hanging out in front of the fire, avoiding the blisteringly cold temperatures outside. We played a lot of dress up and turned the sofa into a fort nearly every weekend.


In February is snowed. A lot. The sofa fort weekends continued. Emily turned 5. Spencer took a few more steps (and every time he took a few steps, his smile got bigger and bigger!). But mostly we just moved from massive snow storm to massive snow storm. Most people prepared for the storms by stocking up on food and supplies, I stocked up on food, yes, but also on activities. Beach balls in the snow was a favorite. One weekend, between storms, we took advantage of a milder day and went to the zoo.


I think March was just a slow month for us. I don’t have many pictures, and basically, we spent the time waiting for the snow to melt and enjoying those few days that teased that spring was coming. more sofa forts, spending time at the blackboard wall, reading, coloring, etc… (despite Spencer’s pose, we did not watch much tv…)


April was a hard month, for me at least. We got the diagnosis that Spencer might have cerebral palsy and that dominated the month really. (spoiler alert, in May he was diagnosed as 100% perfect, so it ended well, but it was still really scarey and to this day every time I watch him walk, run, climb… I am so grateful). This picture of Spencer at the beach is a pit stop the two of us took after one of his doctor appointments that month. Between physical therapy, extra gymnastics time, and these doctor appointments, he and I got a lot of alone time this month. If this is the worst health scare we ever have with the kids, we will be beyond blessed and we will be forever grateful to everyone who helped him (and us) this month, especially the people at his gymnastics class who had him come in several more time a week for extra gym time!


In May spring finally came to Connecticut and we took full advantage of it! We would come home in the afternoon and not go in until it was time for baths and bed. We ate dinner outside more often than not. We had a fabulous mother’s day with the whole family, complete with lunch, the beach and a park. We watched the local Memorial Day parade and just had a great month with family and friends.


In June the twins turned 2! Emily and I made our annual strawberry picking trip. Basically June was all about playing and riding bikes and having fun outside.


In July we moved, went on vacation, and dealt with 2 potential cases of coxsackie (while on vacation). July had a lot of ups and downs. Getting the babies to sleep on vacation nearly drove me 100% insane (I am fairly sure I hit 99% insane a few times). Before the madness of moving and travel, we spent all of our time packing, purging, crafting and playing. Mornings at the beach were a staple. The picture of Spencer and Sidney hugging was one of the first picture at the new house.


August was a jam packed month! We spent a lot of time unpacking but really, every second we could, we were outside playing. We ate outside as often as we could, just enjoying the new house. But the biggest pasts of August were Emily’s graduation from preschool (complete with a corsage and her first pair of high heels) and her first day of kindergarten (with coincidentally involved the same dress and same pair of high heels). Our other favorite part of August was peach and apple picking. The kids still talk about peach picking and the picture of Spencer handing Sidney is peach is still one of my all time favorites.


September was a funny month. These kids are too funny for words! Spencer and Sidney had a fight over whether we would make his favorite peach tea or her preferred Earl Grey. We adjusted to life in kindergarten, and found a way to balance my work, day care and Emily’s bus schedule (sort of). And, of course, we played outside. (note that Sidney did not celebrate a birthday in September, she found her birthday crown from June and wore it non stop for a few weeks).


October featured a visit to a pumpkin patch and 13 mini pumpkins by the living room fireplace (occasionally, the kids generally piled them into strollers and baskets and took them on tours of the house), gorgeous fall leaves, and the ABC wall (which is actually complete despite the lack of evidence on this blog).


November was an odd month – the weather was totally on our side and we spent most of the beginning of the month outside. Sidney perfected the art of pig tales and could not have been cuter in them. And we hosted our first even Thanksgiving.


In December we had to move inside because of the cold. We turned to art. The bottom 3 feet of every wall displays the kids art. And every masterpiece has them running to me for tape. We did spend some time outside, exploring local trails, but mostly we got crafty.

Sidney rounded out 2014 with her second ever hair cut, a cute bob. She is a mimic, and duplicates everything big sister does. She is the master of funny faces. She understands everything. EVERYTHING. She has become the family Sergent at Arms and does the roll call for every family meeting. She is stubborn and makes immediate decisions, and this little girl knows what she wants! Sidney is potty training and I am pretty sure she is just in it for the mini chocolate chips. She has learned “because” and it has become her stock answer to every question. She does everything full force. She is either ecstatically happy or devastatingly upset. She has no middle ground. But at her heart, she is my baby girl. Walking, siting, rocking with her in my arms and her little head on my shoulder is just the sweetest thing ever.

Spencer is closing out 2014 by starting to assert some independence. It took some work on my part, but he now goes up and down stairs on his own (he may not have cerebral palsy but he does have some difficulty with those leg muscles at times so this is a huge step for him, no pun intended). He is still my cuddle bug but now he is also my destructive man. His hammer is perpetually in time out, but he is quick to run for his tool box whenever I am fixing something. Spencer loves his sisters so much. And he starts the love bright and early. one morning at 5am we woke to hear him singing a BINGO e-i-e-i-o hybrid, followed by “Diddy? I get up Diddy?”. And when I went in, he was standing by her bed, turned to me and said, “I have runny nose”. I almost fell over laughing. What did he think she was going to do about it? He is the most gorgeous boy ever and those chocolate brown eyes melt me in an instant.

and my Emily. My gorgeous, logical, emotional, doodle bug, butterfly girl. She is all about art and lately, all about perler beads. The second she gets home from school she is right at her art desk coloring and creating. She has been teaching the babies to play “Uno” and “Go Fish” and she is fabulous about bringing it down to their level. She loves them, she loves school and she LOVES the school bus.  She is reading, she is doing math, she is growing way too fast.  My big girl is my biggest help and I could not do any of this without her.

And the three of them.  This is them.  Doing art together, sharing stickers and google eyes and glue sticks (and Spencer used the tape measure to check everyone’s art).  then he came in on a broom and convinced his sisters to take a ride with him.  When the kids play together there is nothing better.

Happy new year to all of my babies! I cannot wait to see what you all do in 2015!


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