we are train people

The kids have always loved trains.  Mornings, before twins, Emily and I would stop and get out of the car and watch the trains taking commuters on their way.  The conductor used to give her a ticket to play with when we visited.  Emily has always loved trains.  And now the twins do too.  They know, as Em knew, that daddy rides the train to work, and perhaps that adds to their love of trains.  And now, thanks to the generosity of our family and friends, we have trains!

This year, for Hanukkah, we decided to build up a train collection.   Our family and friends were go generous and the kids now have tracks, accessories and trains and love them!  When Spencer unwrapped his very own “Spencer” train on Saturday at the family Hanukkah party, he gasped and said, “I take it home?” in a voice dripping with disbelief.  And ever since then, every chance he has, he is playing at the train table.

And now, our days revolve around trains.  And the kids could not be happier!


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