happy Hanukkah 2014

This was the best Hanukkah celebration ever, because all three kids understood and had a blast!  It was so much fun!

This year’s menorah, created, as usual, at Hebrew School is out favorite yet. We started by lighting candles (Emily lit them), and then enjoying dinner and reading Emily’s library book, before we got to the presents. The little guys were not quite sure what to make of things at first, but soon got into it…

Emily took the lead and explained to them what was going on. And she was thrilled to receive art tools that are not appropriate for sharing with her brother and sister.

Sidney got into the swing of things quickly and was thrilled to see that Emily got her 2 twin baby dolls, a boy and a girl, soft bodied, each with an owl on his outfit.

(I ran out of Hanukkah paper at the last minute, but Sidney was very understanding 🙂 )

Spencer meanwhile, was beside himself thrilled with the Spiderman backpack from Emily.

I am so proud of big sister. She took the time to carefully chose gifts for Spencer and Sidney. it took visits to two stores before she found the perfect baby dolls for Sidney. And she clearly loved watching them open their gifts. Sadly, the babies did not seem as interested in watching Emily open the gifts they got her.

Emily dove headfirst into her new crafts last night and this morning and has grand plans for the things she will create.  I love that Emily is this creative.  I love that she loves to design things on her own, and not be forced to stick to one way of doing things.  On her desk (out of reach of the babies, we hope), is a design she started this morning, of a flower, in pinks and purples.  I cannot wait to see how it turns out when she finishes it.

In the end, in my mind, it was the perfect first night of Hanukkah.  The kids were all thrilled with their gifts, which as a parent is fun to see.  But they also seemed to enjoy the family time just as much, and that is so important to us.   Then again, they are kids, and at day care, when their teachers asked about Hanukkah, the kids replied, “Happy Hanna!  Happy Hannanna!”  And happily told their teachers and friends about their holiday.


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