Artistic Expression

Emily has always been artistic.  She loves nothing more than sitting at her desk and drawing, writing, coloring, etc.   This summer we went to a grand total of ONE tag sale, our purchase was an antique desk for Em that fits perfectly in the corner of the kitchen.  She loves it!  She also uses the green art table as her desk and a Fisher price desk as her desk.  She has a lot of desks.  Sidney might take after Emily….

The other day I went to pick up the kids and when I got there, Spencer was sound asleep and Sidney was outside playing.  Which meant I got to gather the things and get organized.  And see that days artwork.

Apparently that day in school the kids read “Snowmen at Night” and then talked about what shapes make a snowman.  They then made snowmen.

Spencer’s is on the left and typical of what you would expect from a 2 year old.  Sidney’s was clearly done by a ringer.  Look at it!  I am blown away.  Apparently the kids all worked on their snowmen and then they bring then over to the teachers to hang up to dry.  They all did that.  Except Sidney.  Sidney sat there and worked and worked and worked on her snowman.  And then got up to bring it to the teacher, took a few steps, sat down on the floor and kept working.  On a wall full of snowmen that look comparable to Spencer’s adorable snowman, Sidney’s really stands out.  But that is pure Sidney.  Everything she does has to be done a specific way.  HER specific way.  And that is really handy when she helps me with my own projects.

Sidney and Emily got artistic the other day with me and the three of us redid the gossip bench I found over the summer.

This bench sat in the entryway for months before it finally gave me a clue as to how it wanted to look.   I knew I hated it.  Well, I knew I loved the bones and lines, but hated the wood and the decorative paint on the back and table.  And finally, after sitting with my back to the front door, staring at it for about 20 minutes, it came to me.  Clearly he was meant to be pale yellow and the color I went with is Benjamin Moore Mellow Yellow.

I whipped up a batch of chalk paint (plaster of paris method is my favorite) and the girls each put on one of D’s t shirts as a smock, and they started painting the bench.

Spencer just wasn’t into it so he and D hung out by the fire.

The girls did a lot of the first coat (which in the world of chalk paint is the coat that makes you want to put the bench on freecycle and never see it again). I did the second coat.  And coat after coat of wood wax.  And we ended up with this:

The stencil was a random decision and I LOVE the way it came out! It looks fabulous in the entryway with the pale grey walls and the white trim.

I cannot wait for the next project Emily and I do with my pint sized perfectionist!


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