Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Every year on Thanksgiving, I take the time to reflect on my life. Where we are, where we need to be, what we need to do next, etc…

With Thanksgiving and a snowstorm right around the corner, I am first grateful that our generator is in perfect condition and that we have lots and lots of firewood!


This year has been hard. VERY hard. When I say this “year”, I really mean this school year. Has it really only been 4 months since my baby started kindergarten? Every second of my day is timed and claimed. There is no time for anything extra in my world right now, and sadly, that include the kids baby book (blog). That depresses me so much because when they read this, I don’t want huge gaps. Ah, the old days where I could write 2 or 3 posts at a time and just schedule the time they went live…. I have been thinking about the “old days” a lot. Like the days we stayed in bed past 5, or just turned on the tv and hung out in bed for a few hours. Like the mornings before kids, when D would leave early and I would stitch for an hour or so before heading out to work. Like adventures in the kitchen. Like the Sunday afternoons when D would say, Hey let’s go see a movie, out of the blue. Now our lives need to be perfectly scheduled to work. If bedtime is off by 10 minutes, it matters. This does not leave a lot of time to keep up with a baby book!

This year I am especially grateful to have my bestest friend ever. Emily is hands down, my savior! She has been the best helper during the past 2 and a half years. She taught herself to climb into the car when I was too pregnant to lift her. In the beginning she held bottles, picked out clothes, and gently stroked baby cheeks. And now, she is guiding the babies through being 2. She has taught them how to play countless games. They read together, cuddle together, play together. I had a lot, A LOT, of worries and fears over having 2 babies, but seeing Emily as a big sister has calmed (most of) them (most of the time). Emily, you are my best friend ever and I could not do this without you!

My Spencer. My favorite little man. He is SUCH a boy that it blows my mind. Emily was a dainty, pink, princess, girl, so could sit on the floor with a book for minutes (blissful minutes) and be fine. Spencer is such a boy and while he does love to sit and read, he also excels at throwing, eating and hitting people with the books. And yet, he has these deep chocolate born eyes that make it all better. Those eyes! If he was not so gorgeous and such a great hugger…. From day 1 he has always been my cuddler and I love to cuddle with him. He does the sweetest things – like having his favorite bear hug mama, in such a way that I just melt when I want to scream. I am so grateful to him.

And my firecracker. Sidney is 100% insanity wrapped in sheer determination, gumption, and sweetness. I am sure that one day she will be the dictator of small country. I only hope (pray) that she uses her powers for good. From the second she was born, she has been determined to do things her way. And only her way. And watch out if you had another way in mind. her best friend is a giraffe and the other night, her giraffe picked out her pajamas for her. She is funny, silly, serious, and ready to rule the world!

And I am grateful for my husband and soul mate and life line. D I could absolutely not do this without you!

When I was pregnant with Emily someone told me that every baby chooses its mama. I am so grateful that these three chose me!


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