The many faces of Sidney

From day one, minute one, second one (from before her birth), Sidney has always been a fighter. She will do what she wants to, the way she wants to do it, when she wants to do it. That goes for everything. Eating – she will eat an adult size meal plus, if she wants to. Not if she likes the food because she is pretty good at trying new foods (for a 2 year old), but if she wants to eat it. She will use the potty if she wants to, when she wants to. She loves to cuddle, when she wants to cuddle.

Sidney loves her giraffEE, her new Micky pillow (she picked out the fabric and trust me when I tell you that there is nothing funnier than Sidney fabric shopping and deciding which fabric she wants for her pillow). She worships big sister and only wears dresses because that is all big sister wears. She is protective of big brother and makes sure he has what she feels he needs to have (book brother? brush teeth brother?). She loves tea (seriously, do any other toddlers love tea as much as mine do?), she can eat goat cheese by the tub.

She is the strangest, funniest, craziest, happiest (generally), most caring baby girl.

She only allows herself to be photographed on her terms. But in the past few weeks, I got some great pictures of her. I have a feeling the success came in part because of the pig tales, which she just adores! the cuteness here is overwhelming, so I felt that they deserved their own post.

Riding to the bus stop to pick up Emily. Halfway there she abandoned the bike.

Playing at the bus stop while we wait for Em. I love love love her crazy funny face pose!

The next 4 pictures are hilarious! I took them in rapid succession and they are So Sidney, and really, they are the reason for this entire post. The smile, the AH face, eating a grape and then the Sidney observational stare (not to be confused with her more judgmental and scarey stare).

I just love this crazy, funny, sweet baby girl!


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