it is still fall and we are loving it!

This year in particular I have been amazed at fall.  We have not had any major storms and despite the tons and tons and tons of leaves on our driveway and lawn, the trees have held on to the their leaves.  And the colors have been amazing.  We like to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather every chance we get.  The result, is about a month’s worth of fall pictures….

We have a VERY long driveway, which is perfect for riding bikes and running.

Towards the top of the driveway, there is a wooden swing hanging between 2 trees. The little guys have not been on the swing much but they love pushing Em on it!

Near the swing is a tree stump that is a lovely place to sit with your stuffed dotted dog and think about life. Spencer really enjoys this spot. After he spends time in his “thinking spot”, he generally likes to play with sticks (which make great piccolos, by the way). The stump also offers a place for his stuffed dog (or friend of the day) to sit and watch him play. A very useful stump!

After playing up near the top of the driveway we head back towards the house and this is our view of the garage/barn LOVE this! We are so lucky to be able to see this every day!


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